The ORIGIN network

ORIGIN is a network founded in January 2018 by several high energy and astrophysics collaborations and research centres. Its purpose is to create and support events, exhibits and workshops where public engagement and education are enhanced by both art and science.

Stereotypes are still a challenge for many STEM fields, including physics and engineering. ORIGIN events aim to overcome these by creating an environment infused with a variety of perspectives, tools and skills. Scientists and artists join forces to demystify concepts and practises, engaging students and the general public to integrate them into everyday life.

The project initially grew around an exhibition called "Origin and Evolution of the Universe through Art and Science". We chose to keep and highlight the name ORIGIN because it is a theme that unites all people. Philosophers, artists, scientists, and human beings in general consider and address it. By creating events where the question of origins is looked at from diverse perspectives we aim to inspire awe, creativity and critical thinking.


After a two years long pilot period, the project will move in January 2020 to a new structure. This web site groups the R&D material and experience collected in 2018-2019.


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